EMQG Member Information

Members should read our bylaws. Download PDF file here.

Any members who incur expenses doing guild work should submit an expense report with receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement.

Any members who collect income doing guild work should submit an income report with the money attached to the treasurer.

New members receive a packet with instructions to make a name tag. Instructions for making the nametag are also here. Name tags should be worn at all meetings. Members who forget to wear their nametags are asked to pay a 50 cent "fine". Note: In December 2010, the guild purchased laminated name tags and lanyards. These are available to new members until supplies run out.

There is an attendance sheet on the round table by the door at each meeting. Please sign in. Winners of monthly raffle prizes are slected from the sign in sheet.

Coffee, tea, and occasionally other beverages are provided by the guild. Bring your own cup for drinks.

Snacks are provided by guild members. There is a signup sheet at each meeting. Please do your share and occasionally bring refreshments.

We collect non-perishable food items for the Saint John's food pantry at each meeting.

There is a program after most meetings. Sometimes guild members teach a class or do a demonstration. Sometimes we hire an outside teacher. If you have a suggestion for a program, contact the Program Chairperson.

In August, instead of a meeting, we have a picnic at a local park. Members bring a dish to pass and their own table service. We play games, visit, and do hand sewing. Some people arrive in mid-afternoon, some people come after work. We eat supper at about 5:30 pm. Sometimes we bring boxes of fabric and magazines that we no longer want and othe members pick through them and take what they can use. Check the upcoming activities list for details about this year's picnic.

In December we usually have a potluck Holiday Party on the meeting night. Quilting and cooking seem to go together, and this is always a delicious meal. Activities vary from year to year. We have a short business meeting after the meal.

The guild sponsors a quilt show every two years. Our next show will be in September, 2016.

The guild newsletter is published at the beginning of odd-numbered months. Please read your newsletter! It contains important information. If you have input for the newsletter, send it to the editor by her stated due date so she can work it into the next issue.

We have members with all levels of quilting experience in the guild, ranging from beginner to talented and experienced. Don't be afraid to bring whatever you are working on for Show and Share, or to ask for help on something that has you stumped. Everyone was a beginner once and you will find that this is a very friendly and helpful group of people!

There is a fee for most workshops. Please register as far in advance as possible so we know how many members plan to attend. Occasionally if enough guild members don't sign up for a class or bus trip, we will open registration to other guilds or the public.

For most workshops you will need to bring a sewing machine, extension cord, rotary cutter and mat, and standard sewing supplies such as scissors and thread. Some people bring irons and small ironing boards. A supply list will be provided before each class.

Every year we have a Quilter's Holiday Retreat at the Watson Homestead near Painted Post, NY. This is scheduled in February, March or April. The Watson Homestead is a conference center, and we are one of several groups there for the weekend. We have a large workroom with tables for sewing and cutting, and a small kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator, and stove. Dorm style rooms with a large shared bathroom or private hotel rooms are available. Meals are included, and they are served in a huge cafeteria. The food is served buffet style and is delicious. We used to have an instructor teach a workshop, but for the past few years we have all been bringing our own projects. Sometimes guild members do a demo. This weekend is a lot of fun and it is a time to get away for a few days and spend time with others who share your hobby. If you are new to quilting or to our guild, don't be intimidated! This is a relaxing, low key, enjoyable weekend.

The guild buys quilt books and magazines and donates them to local libraries. We have built up an extensive collection of quilt books at the Spaulding Library in Athens, where we made all of our donations for several years. In the past few years we have started donating to several libraries in areas where our members live. We find this to be more convenient than owning the books ourselves and hauling the books to meetings to run our own library. In addition, part of our mission is education, and these books are available for the public to learn about quilts and quilting.

Here is a glossary of quilting terms on About.com.

These are some terms we use locally that you may find helpful:

ABC Quilts, Hug quilts, Quilts for Kids: Charity quilts made for needy children, and sometimes for adults.

Block of the month (BOM): A quilt is broken down into individual blocks and a new quilt block pattern is provided every month. Usually every block is different. After several months, instructions for assembling the quilt are provided as the last step. It is fun to do this as a group and see how different the quilts turn out with different fabric selections.

Challenge Quilt: A quilt made to fit specified guidelines, such as colors or specific fabric to use, theme, size, technique, etc. The Hoffman Challenge is a famous one - The Hoffman fabric company has a challenge print every year that is used in a national contest. Winning quilts travel around the country in a special exhibit for a year. Our guild usually does our own challenge quilt every year.

Fat Quarter (FQ): A quarter yard of fabric that is cut approximately 18" x 22" instead of the standard 9" x 44". This squarer shape makes it possible to cut larger pieces out of the same amout of fabric.

Fat Quarter Bingo: This is a game we sometimes play at our picnic. Each player antes a fat quarter of fabric, and the winner gets the whole pile of fabric.

Mystery Quilt: Similar to a block of the month quilt, except that the quilter does not know what the quilt will look like until the last step. Instructions are often done is such a way that it is difficult to guess how the blocks will be assembled into a pattern. It is a challenge to pick appropriate fabrics without knowing the end result - you just have to follow the guidelines giiven for fabric selection and trust that it will look good when it's finished.

Paper Piecing or Foundation Piecing: Sewing the fabric pieces of the quilt block to a piece of paper that has the pattern printed on it. This allows precise piecing of small blocks with straight seams a lot of small pieces.

Trunk show: One quilter brings a large number of quilts and shows them to the group. It is like a mini quilt show, complete with the stories about how and why the quilt was made.

UFO (UnFinished Object): An unfinished project, often started in a class and never completed.

Watson: See description of Quilter's Holiday Retreat, above.